Wedding Ceremonies

Wedding ceremonies

Celebrant weddings

It does not matter how big your dreams or how small your budget, I will assist and deliver the perfect ceremony for the beautiful couple.

​By choosing a Civil Celebrant to conduct your ceremony, you have the freedom of choice in deciding upon the location, I will assist in helping you turn your romantic dream into reality.

There are countless options, from a country house, to a favourite pub, a local park, a beach or even your parents’ back garden.

A unique and personal ceremony

​I will visit and work closely with you and your partner to discuss your ideas and dreams to create a unique and personal ceremony. Whether you want a completely non-religious ceremony or want to include a few religious elements, I will make your day a special one to remember.

You can choose your own location, inside or out, and decide when you want the ceremony to take place. You are free to choose your own vows, readings, music, poetry, theme, and guest participation, in fact anything you desire to make your day perfect.

​In England, Wales and Scotland however you must be legally married first, which can be achieved by having a basic ten minute ceremony in your local Register Office and only requires the two of you and a couple of witnesses to attend. Once the formalities have been completed you are free to enjoy the ceremony of your dreams.

Wedding Elements

Braveheart Tartan and Thistle Handfasting

The handfasting between William Wallace and Murrin in the film Braveheart was remarkably simple and moving. Standing side by side, she placed the palm of her left hand on the back of his right hand, and the priest wound a piece of tartan around their hands, then she laid an embroidered handkerchief over their hands – there was no knot.

“I will love you my whole life – you and no other”
“And I you – you and no other – forever”

Highlander Outlander Wedding

The wedding between Jamie and Claire Fraser in Outlander rings true and romantic for all of us scots. And here is the Celtic wedding vow they said to each other.

Ye are blood of my blood
And bone of my bone
I give thee my body, that we two might be one
I give thee my spirit til our life shall be done.

Game of Thrones Handfasting

Even though The Red Wedding in Game of Thrones did not end well, still the words Robb and Talisa said to one another have proved extremely popular. Talisa laid her left hand on Robb’s right hand and the priest bound their hands together.

“I hereby seal these two souls, binding them as one, for eternity”
“Father, Smith, Warrior, Mother, Maiden, Crone, Stranger
I am his/hers and he/she is mine
from this day until the end of my days”