Renewal of vows

Renewal of your vows

Would you like to celebrate the deepening of your love? Well, so would we!

You can choose to renew your vows however, wherever, and whenever feels right to you. It could be on your 1st anniversary, or after you have raised your children and have 25 years of marriage under your belts. It is totally up to you.

Vow renewals do not include any kind of legal element and they can be held anywhere. So if you got hitched in a registry office the first time you could choose to have the church blessing you never had, or if you were married in a church first time round maybe you’d like to renew your vows outside on a beach or in a garden?

If you got married in a big way to begin with, your vow renewal could be a small group or just you.

Or if your marriage began in a small way, a vow renewal can bring the chance for a big celebration, perhaps including family and friends who have supported you over the years.

Vow renewals and celebrant led personal ceremonies are becoming more and more popular, so to give you a starting place as you think about having one to celebrate your love, from our experience so far, we find they can roughly be divided into categories as detailed below, but whatever the reason you think you’d like to renew your vows, we’re here to help.

Why Renew Your Vows?

You Live Locally and choose to have a vow renewal at your home or in a favourite local hotel or restaurant after a certain number of years married.

You are After Adventure and live overseas and plan to travel to Scotland after a certain number of years married and have the idea to renew your vows in a small and personal Celtic ceremony whilst here.

You Seek Affirmation as you have come through a tough time and choose to renew your vows in a private, tender, and healing way.

To Give Thanks in the form of a party to celebrate a significant number of years married, and you would like someone to perform a blessing and thanksgiving during that celebration, to give it an official element?

Creative or Traditional Touches – You Choose!

Renewing your vows gives you the opportunity to break the rules if you feel like it and were not able to do that first time round. You could arrive at the ceremony together, or simultaneously walk to the ceremony spot from opposite sides. You could play the music you had at your wedding, and then play favourites from over the years since.

If you were married before trends like photo booths and ice cream vans and owl ring bearers became popular, remember you have carte blanche to include whatever you would like.

You could be informal and have a small group of close friends and family in a favourite place.

Why not write appreciations for all you have shared together, and personal vows?

You can choose between wearing your old rings and having them blessed or take your old rings off and put them on again or have new rings!

Get out your old photos and/or have new photos taken.

Involve your children (and grandchildren).

Take the opportunity to involve your best man and maid of honour from all those years ago.

Because a vow renewal ceremony does not have a legal element to it, it is possible to arrange it as a surprise – but do factor in something special for your spouse to wear if dressing up! Hopefully, you get the idea that anything goes. Please let us know how we can help.