Funeral Ceremonies

Funeral ceremonies

Funeral Ceremonies

Like me, you may have attended funerals which have felt cold and matter of fact. I do not believe it should be this way. I always aim to provide a personal and informed representation of a person’s life in the ceremonies I write and deliver the ceremony sincerely and in a heartfelt way.

This provides family and friends an opportunity to know they have done their absolute best to remember and say goodbye to their loved one.
My style of writing and delivery is warm and sincere.

Life Memorial Ceremony
A life memorial ceremony can be the right choice when a more relaxed venue is preferred without time restrictions. A memorial ceremony can be a true celebration of the life of your loved one. Elements such as poetry and music often play key roles alongside the eulogy, and family and friends might like to get involved. These celebrations can include religious content or be entirely secular.

Scattering of Ashes Ceremony
A scattering of ashes ceremony is often an important marker for families. Some see is as an opportunity to bring their loved one safely to their journey’s end and others see it as releasing their loved one on to their journey beyond. Beautiful words that truly reflect the person lost will be delivered in a ceremony at a location of your choosing, followed by a ceremonial scattering.