Baby Naming Ceremonies

Baby Naming Ceremony

Naming day celebrate bringing a new life into your family and share it with family and friends.

A Baby Naming Ceremony for a newly born child, or a Welcoming Ceremony, for a toddler (who presumably knows his or her name!) or an adopted child, is a unique celebration to introduce your child to your community: the people who fill your life and who will fill your child’s life. It is a chance to share your hopes and dreams with this community of people and invite them to be part of your family’s new journey. (Note, the baby or child will already have his or her name recorded on the birth certificate. The occasion is ceremonial.)

In addition to a Baby Naming or Welcoming Ceremony, there is an opportunity to have a Guide Parent Ceremony during the same occasion. The term “god parent” is not appropriate for those who are Humanistic, nonreligious, or do not wish to invoke a deity. However, a “guide parent” is a similar concept. Such a person or persons play a supporting role in your child’s life and are asked to take a special interest in the child’s development and to support the parents, as well. (Note: There is no legal obligation for a guide parent.)

Baby Naming / Child Welcoming

A Naming Ceremony is a lovely way to celebrate the birth of a new baby; it is an increasingly popular alternative to Baptism or Christening. Many families feel that it is appropriate to have a special occasion to celebrate the birth of a baby or to celebrate adoptive children and stepchildren becoming part of a new family. Your Naming or Welcoming Ceremony will be completely bespoke and unique to your family.

It can be as formal or informal as you wish; families may choose poetry, readings, music, and songs to personalise the Ceremony, to make the occasion one you will remember and treasure forever. Other siblings, family and friends may take part in any way you would like.

The day can be used to welcome the child into the family, announce the names that have been chosen for the baby, make promises and commitments to the child and perhaps introduce ‘mentors’; family or friends who would commit to the child or children in place of traditional godparents.

Gifts may be presented; the day can be whatever you and your family wish it to be. Your Celebrant will help create this special occasion with you, creating a very personal, meaningful welcome for the child into your family.

Ceremonies may be held almost anywhere, your own home, a hotel, a public hall, a marquee or even the garden.

Sand Ceremony

Sand ceremonies are used to symbolize union. To formalise the promises you make you can choose to do a sand ceremony. The unique colours of sand represent each individuals’ unique qualities and adding the sand to the jar represents their love and commitment to your child. This can include parents, grandparents, guide parents, friends, and family –the choice is yours. The sand combined creates a lovely keepsake for your child and a memento of all the support they will have in their life.

Hand, foot, or fingerprints

As part of the ceremony the baby/child hand and footprints are made as a keepsake of the happy occasion. This can be done with paints or modelling clay. You can then date these, and many families will frame them as a memento of the day.

Memory Box

Parents can choose to create a memory box as part of the ceremony. It is entirely up to you what you would like to include – memories/toys, a newspaper from the date of the naming/date of birth or a gift from a sibling. You can even let your guests know on the invitation and ask them to bring something. The box is then kept opening on a significant date in the future.